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Japanese Teas

The Japanese Tea Experience

The exceptional flavour of Clearspring Japanese teas comes from careful organic cultivation, special preparation and packing the tea bags in foil directly on the estate.

Buddhist monks from ancient China originally brought green tea, known as cha, to Japan where for centuries it was a rare and luxurious commodity. After generations of cultivation, it has become Japan's national drink and drinking tea is a ritualised part of everyday life.

Clearspring has a range of the finest Japanese teas with a flavour to suit every taste, from bittersweet sencha to mild and earthy kukicha. Fresh tasting and mildly aromatic, these unfermented teas are perfect for drinking either with or between meals.

With their delicate, clean tastes, Clearspring Japanese teas are best enjoyed unsweetened and without milk.

Why is Japanese tea so special?
Most of the world's green tea comes from China, but Japanese green tea is especially prized.

In Japan, some of the best quality green tea comes from the hills around Kyoto, where the rich, slightly acidic soil provides ideal growing conditions. The local microclimate helps as well, with the early morning mists moistening the leaves of the plants, stimulating growth and shielding them from the strongest rays of the sun.

The exceptional flavour of Clearspring green tea comes from using organic growing methods in this perfect environment, along with special preparation and packing and foil sealing right on the tea estate, Nagata Chaen.

The traditional Japanese practice, not usually found elsewhere, of steaming green tea leaves immediately after picking imparts unique properties. This steaming, sometimes referred to as the sencha process, takes place within 24 hours of harvest and inhibits the enzyme activity that causes oxidisation, enabling the tea to retain its bright emerald green leaf colour and the freshest of flavours.

Scientific analysis shows that this brief steaming also boosts the antioxidant levels, enhancing the health properties of the tea.

  • Clearspring Organic Hojicha 20 bags
    £3.59 Clearspring Organic Hojicha 20 bags
    Japanese roasted green tea. Refreshing and mild. Low in caffeine. Clearspring Organic Hojicha, roasted green tea has a refreshing, mild and toasted taste It is prepared at Nagata Chaen, Kyoto, from select green tea leaves...

  • Clearspring Organic Kukicha 20 bags
    £3.59 Clearspring Organic Kukicha 20 bags
    This delicious, mild and soothing tea is an ideal drink for children and adults alike. It is made from the select twigs and stems of carefully nurtured tea bushes that are steamed, dried, left to age for 2-3 years to develop...

  • Clearspring Organic Sencha Loose Green Tea 125g
    £7.99 Clearspring Organic Sencha Loose Green Tea 125g
    Serving Suggestion Serve plain, without milk or sweetening. Ingredients Organic tea leaves. Other Information Nagata Organic Sencha is a premium quality Japanese green tea made from the season's first tender, young...