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Seagreens Wild Seaweed Food Capsules 180 Caps

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Product Description

Seagreens micronised Arctic Wild Wrack is a unique blend of seaweeds in easy to take capsule form. Used every day, Seagreens seaweed complements and fills gaps in the  nutritional profile of conventional land foods, thus supporting the intricate balance of nutrients, especially micro-nutrients, we need to stay in optimum health. Like our bodies, the oceans contain some 100 known nutrients, needing constant replacement. Seagreens harvests the most nutritious wild seaweeds, cutting the plants every few years so they grow again to nutritional maturity.


Knotted wrack seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), Spiral wrack seaweed (Fucus spiralis), Channel wrack seaweed (Pelvetia canaliculata). Vegetable Capsule (water, hydroxpropylmethylcellulose).

How to use

2 capsules each morning. Best with food.


Seagreens are outstanding vegetables even among seaweeds, in that nutritionally they are a complete food (a genuine whole food). They also provide the full range of micro vitamins and minerals.

Wild arctic wrack seaweed has been the subject of more research than any other kind because it has Nature╒s broadest and most balanced range of nutrients. The balance of minerals particularly, bear remarkable similarities to that of our own cellular fluid.

Seagreens should not only be seen as an additional supplement to food but, included in the daily diet, as an underlying nutritional foundation upon which to restore and maintain a properly regulated system and a clean bill of health.

Over time their unique and complete balance of nutrients helps regulate metabolism and maintain balance throughout the body's system.

Just as the oceans maintain the nutritional balance in Nature, so these unique ocean vegetables can do the same for the human body.


  • For the wheat intolerant Seagreens vitamin E contains all the isomers otherwise found only in seeds like wheatgerm.
  • For vegans and vegetarians Seagreens are Nature's finest source of organic iodine.
  • Where salt should normally be restricted in many cases including candida, heart disease, ulcers, kidney damage, poor digestion and calcium deficiency, Seagreens, provide an alternative, healthy seasoning.

Mercury-free dentistry

In January 2001, Seagreens Food Capsules were endorsed by the President of the British Society for Mercury-Free dentistry for post operative detoxification in amalgam extraction: daily 2 capsules morning and 1 capsule evening for 3 weeks, then normal daily intake of 1 or 2 capsules as required.

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