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What is Immiflex?

The active ingredient is a natural compound called a beta glucan, derived from a strain of yeast. Wellmune WGP is the name given to the specific beta glucan used and because of the many patents attached to it, it is unique to Immiflex.

Why does my Immune system need extra support?

Because yeasts have always been a threat to humans, our immune systems have adapted to recognise and react to them by launching an immune response. As time went on the immune system became acclimatised to them and grew to be dependent on them to function at peak effectiveness. The increasingly sterile environment in which we live has eliminated many of these yeasts and as a result our immune systems have weakened. Adding beta glucan back into the diet restores the effectiveness of the immune system, with considerable health benefits.

How does Immiflex work?

Immiflex works by activating the immune system, which allows a more rapid response to infections when they come along.

Immiflex is initially detected by M-cells in the walls of the small intestine. The M-cells pass the beta glucans to macrophages in the blood, which relay them to the neutrophils – thus priming the most abundant immune cells in the body.

The benefits of a primed immune system include an ability to attack pathogens more quickly; preventing them from taking hold and causing illness. This helps to boost general health, prevent tiredness and fatigue and assists in speeding up recovery after an illness.

Several studies have shown that taken daily, Immiflex can lower the incidence and symptoms associated with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) and, particularly in those suffering from high levels of stress, can improve mood by decreasing tension, anger, fatigue and confusion. In one particular study, subjects treated with Wellmune WGP reported no days off sick from work or school compared to an average of 1.38 days missed in the placebo group due to cold/flu symptoms.


Unlike many products designed to boost the immune system, Immiflex can be taken daily with no unwanted effects, so there is no need to wait for the first signs of illness or put a limit on how many days you should take it for.

Because they have always been in our food, beta glucans are non-toxic. As previously mentioned, we evolved in a microbiologically dirty environment and our innate immune systems are designed to cope with constant priming. It is important to note that pure beta glucans do not trigger allergic symptoms because they have little effect on the acquired (or ‘learned’) immune system, which is involved in those types of problems. In fact, they have anti-allergy properties.